Pulsar Slots

Pulsar Slots

Pulsar Slots is a new online game and it will transport players to the outer edges of the galaxy. Players will see that this is not the typical slots game with its unique design. There are stars and exploding planets to see on the fast moving reels. This is an online game available by download and instant play when you try Pulsar Slots.

The Game Developer is RTG

Pulsar Slots is a new game from Real Time Gaming or RTG. RTG is known for any diverse slot games and Pulsar Slots is another example of this.

Allows Demo Play

Demo player for Pulsar Slots is one of the ideal ways to see the game before making a real money wager. Slot players will be able to develop a strategy and understand how this slot game operates.

Enjoy the Slots Theme

This is a Space themed game. The slot game begins with a view of the galaxy behind the reels. Some examples of slot games with a space theme include Martian Mania, Outta This World, Space Lily, Space Traders, and Martian Mania slots games.

The Design For This Game

Below the reels are the buttons to use to adjust gameplay. There is the Bet, spin, autoplay, and balance. Players will be able to see the Total Bet amount.

More About the Game

One of the first things players will notice is the configuration. This futuristic game has five reels in and three rows. However, the game rows are uneven with some of them higher or lower than the others showing something similar to a honeycomb.

Pressing the Spin button will lead to a laser from the lower center of the reels firing at the planets on the reels. This laster will replace the symbols and as they fall off the reels to be replaced by new symbols. Some of the symbols include the planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, etc., an asteroid, the Sun, and more.

How To Make Wagers

This is a video bonus slot that accepts coins from 0.01 to 1 with the max being $20. There are 20 paylines to wager on. Therefore, the Honeycomb design of the reels reveals there are up to 20 paylinese. These are fixed lines so players will have to wager on all twenty of them.

Wins on the Paytable

Payouts will occur when there are matching symbols on the paylines. It is possible to see Big Wins, Huge Wins and Mega Wins inside of Pulsar Slots.

The Cascade Feature

Players will see that more wins are possible because of the Cascading Feature in this game. These symbols will fall or disappear and be replaced by other symbols. The winning combinations can go through a cascade effect until there are no more winning combinations.

The Game RTP

Anyone looking for more information on the Return To Player will be able to find this on the website of the slots developer.

Have Fun Playing

It is possible to use fun play credits and play for fun with Pulsar Slots. This is seen as just a way to practice before making a real wager.

Play For Real

It should be known to players that they will not win any real money until they make a wager. Therefore, fun play credits will not and only real money wagers can win real money.

Mobile Casino Gaming

This is another example of a casino game that can be played inside a mobile casino. This is not difficult to do as the same login details for a regular casino will be used. It does require the use of an Android tablet or phone, iPad or iPhone the mobile version of this slots game.

How To Play Online

Now that players have had a chance to read this review, they can now try the game for themselves and play Pulsar Slots at a participating online casino.